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"A stable macro economy is supporting low stock market volatility. Real GDP growth has been less than half as volatile over the past 5 years as over the last 50."

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Does the euro matter for markets and policy?
The strength of the euro has been driven by investors speculating that the European Central Bank (ECB) will further reduce the pace of asset purchases and begin to raise rates in the near future. This has become a bit of a headache for the ECB, as too much currency strength could potentially mute the recovery.
Will markets bump their head on the debt ceiling?
Rumblings about the possible failure of the U.S. government to raise the debt ceiling this fall have not yet proven to be problematic for capital markets broadly, but the Treasury bill (T-bill) market has taken notice and begun to show some signs of unease.
Where is the value when valuations are rich?

Where can investors find value with both stocks and bonds looking expensive?  Investors are right to be concerned with valuations, as over the long-run, there is a significant relationship between valuation and forward returns.

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