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Weekly Market Recap

Start the week off right with this one-page snapshot of headlines and market performance.

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Weekly Economic Update

Stay current on the economic landscape and note changes from week-to-week. Topics include growth, jobs, profits, inflation, rates, risks and themes.
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Weekly Market Podcast

Dr. David Kelly’s weekly commentary

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Featured Market Insights

3Q16 earnings update: A touch of grey

This bulletin previews the third quarter earnings season and discusses the outlook for earnings for the rest of 2016.

Let's break it down: NIRP

In this episode of Let's break it down, we review negative interest rate policy, or NIRP, and how it is affecting investors savings and portfolios.

5 government debt myths

This bulletin considers 5 myths about the government’s debt and reviews how to prepare portfolios to withstand headwinds related to the federal debt burden.

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Portfolio Discussions

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