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For retirement plan fiduciaries who are legally responsible—and potentially liable—for prudently selecting and monitoring target date funds, a sound investment evaluation process has never been more important. Use this powerful tool to analyze target date funds and simplify complex decisions.

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This powerful digital tool helps you evaluate target date funds and simplify complex decisions.
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TARGET DATE FUNDS: The JPMorgan SmartRetirement Funds are target date funds with the target date being the approximate date when investors plan to retire. Generally, the asset allocation of each Fund will change on an annual basis with the asset allocation becoming more conservative as the Fund nears the target retirement date. The principal value of the Fund(s) is not guaranteed at any time, including at the target date. TDFs may suffer investment losses, including near or following retirement. There is no guarantee that the TDF will provide adequate retirement income.

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JPMorgan SmartRetirement is built to withstand a range of market cycles and conditions. Two decades of research and the behavioral data of millions of participants fuels our investment decisions, which helps more people cross the retirement finish line.