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Multi-Asset Solutions Weekly Strategy Report

FAANG stocks may have retreated from their 2018 highs, but global technology remains the best performing sector of the year in global equity markets.
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Weekly Market Recap

A one-page snapshot of market performance, statistics and trends.

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Weekly Bond Bulletin: Emerging markets hold steady

By GFICC Investors
Amid a concerted pickup in risk asset performance, emerging market (EM) resilience is a particular surprise. Despite negative headlines on Russia and more, EM corporates and sovereigns are holding up well.
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Factor Views 2Q 2018

By Yazann Romahi
Amid a violent shift in volatility regimes, performance was mixed across factors. Looking ahead we see an improved opportunity set across equity, event-driven and macro factors.
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Global Fixed Income Views 2Q 2018

By Bob Michele
With a central bank backdrop supportive of risk assets, Above Trend Growth is the likeliest scenario. As rates rise, we remain cautious on duration, favoring stronger growth and higher inflation sectors including securitized credit, U.S and European high yield and U.S. leveraged loans.
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Renewable energy and battery storage: Impacts of disruption on the core infrastructure investor

By Serkan Bahceci
Disruption threatens all investors. Every industry and sector faces disruption risks from new technologies, competitors, politics and regulations.
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Global Asset Allocation Views 2Q 2018

By John Bilton

The growth outlook for 2018 is robust, but two-sided inflation risks have emerged. We overweight equity, with marginally less conviction, downgrade investment grade credit and close our cash underweight. Our portfolio tilt is moderately pro-risk.

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Emerging markets strategy Q1 2018: Volatility returns, fundamentals stay strong

By George Iwanicki
The combination of broadening economic growth and contained inflation is driving strong earnings gains.
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Global Equity Views 1Q 2018

By Paul Quinsee
As volatility returns to equity markets, we see further gains in this cycle amid strong global growth and robust profits. From a regional perspective, we find the best prospects in emerging markets; on a sector basis we like financials and cyclicals.
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Emerging market debt strategy : Still going strong but beware headwinds

By Pierre-Yves Bareau
Emerging market (EM) fundamentals are on a very strong trajectory: the global synchronised recovery and easy monetary conditions are expected to continue, supporting further strengthening in EM economies and companies.
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The investment outlook for 2018

By Dr. David Kelly, Samantha Azzarello, David Lebovitz
Heading into 2018, it is important to remember some time-tested principles for successful long-term investing: cash isn’t always king, diversification is essential, harness the power of compounding and don’t let volatility derail you.
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Goldilocks and the three risks

By George Iwanicki
Emerging markets are in the early phase of their recovery cycle. When comparing cycle-adjusted P/E multiples, emerging market equity ranks as the cheapest segment of the global equity market.
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3Q 2017 Guide to the Markets and Quarterly Perspectives

Introducing our third quarter 2017 Guide to the Markets and Quarterly Perspectives. A comprehensive array of market and economic trends illustrated with clear and compelling charts.
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What if May falls in June?

By Michael Bell
The market is currently assuming that the Conservatives will win a large majority and eventually deliver a relatively hard Brexit, but that the election will make it easier for them to agree to a transitional arrangement, prolonging single market access for two or three more years after March 2019.
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Macron conquers, but France remains deeply divided

By Vincent Juvyns, Stephanie Flanders
Vincent Juvyns, Global Market Strategist, gives us the latest update on the French Presidential Elections and impact this has on investors.
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Emerging Market Debt: Reflation takes root

By Pierre-Yves Bareau
Given the risks posed by protectionism, we are more cautious on open economies and those more dependent on external funding. Overall, we have shifted our focus from market beta to carry this quarter, coming off of solid first quarter performance, tighter valuations and the little market premium attached to the risks we have identified. We place an emphasis on short-end names and those idiosyncratic stories that we identify as having positive event skew.
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Inflation's next phase

By Benjamin Mandel, Michael Hood
For investors, the recovery of inflation and inflation risk premia, against the backdrop of anchored inflation expectations, imply a supportive environment for risk assets. Our outlook suggests continued upward pressure on the market pricing of inflation, manifesting in higher bond yields and a widening spread between nominal and inflation-protected bonds.
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A better opportunity in Europe

By Dr. David Kelly
While U.S. equities still look less expensive than Treasuries and cash, they are not as attractive as they once were. Investors looking for stronger long-term returns may find a better opportunity in European stocks.
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Entering the reflation era

By Pierre-Yves Bareau
We are entering a new investment paradigm: the era of "lower for longer" and "search for yield" has now been replaced by an era shaped by higher growth, inflation and rates.
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