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Insights App

General Information

What is the J.P. Morgan Insights app?

The Insights app allows you to review audio commentary and talking points for each slide in our quarterly Guide to the Markets - for market intelligence delivered through clear, thought provoking charts and graphs. You'll also find an ever-growing library of bulletins, videos, podcasts and portfolio discussions covering essential investment and retirement topics that you can organize and share.

Is the app free?

Yes, the app is available for free on the Apple and Google app store.

What devices can use the app?

The app is compatible with the iPad 2 (or greater) and iOS 10.0 (or higher) and Android tablets running Android 5.0.

How do I get the app?

The app is available on the Apple and Google app store.

Can I share this app with investors?

Yes, this app is end-client approved and free to share; however, certain content and features require logging in.

Accessing the app

Will the app work if I'm travelling outside the U.S.?

Yes, the app will work outside the U.S., provided your iPad is connected to the Internet.

Is the app available for anyone to use?

Yes, the app is publicly available to download on the Apple or Google app store, but to access certain content and features you'll need to log in.

Do I need to register to use the app?

Registration is not required to use the app, but certain content and features—such as sharing, creating favorites, and creating custom Guide to the Markets PDFs—are only available after logging in.

Who can register for the app?

Registration is available to Financial Advisors, Advisory firms, Institutional clients and Institutional consultants. If you are not able to register, please contact your J.P. Morgan representative to request access.

Can I register for access to using the app?

Yes, registering for the Insights app will automatically grant access to .

Does the app work if I'm offline?

Yes, when offline you can access all Guide to the Markets slides, Favorites, Folders and any other content you've viewed while online.

How do I log out or end my session?

To log out of the app, tap on the "Settings" tab on the bottom of the screen, and then tap the "Log Out" button.

How do you safeguard my personal information in the app?

The Insights app does not store any personal information.

Can shareholders access their accounts via the app?

Access to shareholder accounts is not available at this time. If you are a J.P. Morgan Mutual Fund Investor please visit the shareholder site to access your account.

Troubleshooting & providing feedback

How can I reset my password if my User ID is locked?

From the welcome screen tap the "Log In" button. At the bottom of this new screen tap on "Forgot your Username or Password?" Enter your User name or email and we will send you a new password to the email address on record.

If you prefer to speak with our Advisor Service Center, please call us at 1-800-338-4345.

What should I do if the app freezes?

Use your iPad's home button to close the app from the system tray. If that doesn't work, restart the device. After it restarts, tap the Insights app icon to resume.

How can I send feedback or requests an enhancement?

Please contact your J.P. Morgan Client Advisor with feedback or to provide suggestions.

How can I contact the authors of an article if I have questions?

Please contact your J.P. Morgan Client Advisor or Internal Client Advisor and they will direct your queries.


Content Updates

How often does the app update content?

The app refreshes content every two hours.

When are the On the Bench slides updated?

On the Bench slides are updated quarterly, usually 1 - 2 weeks after the Guide to the Market is released.

If I save the Weekly Market Recap in a folder, do I have to update it every week?

No, all the content in your Folders and Favorites will automatically update.

Is the content in the app the same as

Yes, all of the content in the app is the same as seen on and is automatically updated.

Do the folders I create in the app sync with

Yes, folders sync between the app and the website provided that content is available in both the app and web.