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Website FAQs

Common Questions

Where can you find a ticker symbol for a particular fund?

There are many ways to find the ticker symbol. By selecting the Prices and Performance link you will see a fund's type, ticker (if available), CUSIP, Name, Price (or NAV), $ change and % change. You can find more information on a fund if you click the "factsheet" link from the information page immediately preceding the quotes page.

What are the requirements to open new accounts with J.P. Morgan?

Most of our funds require an initial investment of $1,000 to open an account.

Can I print a prospectus from your website?

In order to print in pdf format, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the file. To print specific pages, use the file/print to-from-technique. Please keep in mind that some of the files can be very long and may require more than 100 sheets of paper.

Can I request a prospectus on just one of your mutual funds?

All of our funds are grouped together in a prospectus by asset class types and share classes. J.P. Morgan does this to help its current and potential shareholders by giving them all the information they need in one easy location.

What is eDelivery from J.P. Morgan Funds?

eDelivery is a free service provided by J.P. Morgan Funds which allows shareholders to be notified by email when certain publications, such as fund prospectuses, annual reports, and proxy statements, become available online. Documents not available online will continue to be mailed. While many shareholders find eDelivery more convenient than postal delivery, printed copies may still be requested on our website or through our service center.