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Portfolio Insights Tools

In-depth analysis. Actionable insights. Stronger portfolios.

Our award-winning Portfolio Insights suite enables financial professionals to build portfolios that can navigate any market

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2019 Star Award Recipient*

J.P. Morgan Portfolio Insights suite has been recognized by the Investment Management Education Alliance for excellence in communications and education for financial professionals among investment management companies.


Identify what’s driving risk and returns

  • Get actionable insights to enhance performance
  • Conduct stress tests based on historical scenarios
  • Export customizable reports
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Optimize your investment selection

  • Compare up to 6 mutual funds or ETFs
  • Evaluate investments based on composition, performance, fees and more
  • Export customizable reports
Bond Ladder IllustratorSM

Build municipal bond ladders 

  • Create the optimal bond ladder based on individual client needs
  • Evaluate portfolio characteristics and key return metrics
  • Export customizable client-ready reports
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*Winners are selected from hundreds of entries judged by an industry panel of marketing and communications executives. Judges evaluate STAR award entries based on the applicable criteria: Effectiveness - Entry achieves stated objectives and goals provided for entry; Messaging - Messaging, concepts, philosophies, instruction, etc. are delivered in a simple and effective manner; Educational Value - The piece successfully informs and educates its audience through clear, effective content and dynamic visuals and infographics; Innovation - The entry harnesses dynamic and innovative tactics to communicate key messages to target audiences in a unique and impactful way; User Experience - The entry will be evaluated for: usability; the ability to locate key messaging; functionality; clarity; simplicity; perspective and positive overall user experience.
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