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Portfolio Analysis

Get ahead of risks early by leveraging our in-depth portfolio analytics and instantly create a customized, client-ready report
Analyze portfolios

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Identify what's driving risk and return in your clients' portfolios

Get an objective assessment of your clients' holdings and export customizable reports to help them stay diversified and invested through changing conditions. To get started, simply upload a portfolio with up to 100 individual investments and choose a benchmark.

Under the potential impact of market events

Stress test your portfolio to see how it would perform during historical periods of volatility or potential market events.

Get personalized observations and actionable insights

Utilizing J.P. Morgan's proprietary technology paired with our latest asset allocation views, uncover opportunities to potentially improve diversification, reduce risk or enhance returns.

Create customized client-ready reports

Customize your report, select the pages you want to include and add your company logo to make it uniquely yours next client meeting.

Start using Portfolio Analysis

Get personalized observations for assets in the current environment.