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Diversified Return International Equity ETF (JPIN)

Attempt to limit volatility but not opportunity in developed international equity markets.

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The smart beta evolution

Investors could earn a positive return by holding a sufficiently representative cross-section of stocks via smart beta. Learn how to do so via two distinct components of index design.

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Understanding how smart beta can help you

Strategic beta, sometimes referred to as “smart beta,” is a different approach to structuring index-based portfolios that aims to balance perceived deficiencies in cap-weighted indices.
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Exchange Traded Funds

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Beyond market cap investing: Strategic Beta ETFs

Nigel F. Emmett | February 4, 2015

Learn about the evolution of the ETF industry, the benefits of Strategic Beta and its role in a portfolio.

Strategic Beta simplified

March 30, 2015

The benefits of Strategic Beta, an intersection between active and passive investment strategies.

Investing beyond market cap: A bright future for Strategic Beta

Ogden Hammond | December 24, 2014

Listen to our discussion on the incorporation of strategic beta ETFs into investor portfolios, the benefits of strategic beta ETFs over traditional market cap-weighted benchmarks and our overall outlook for the ETF industry.