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eDelivery FAQs

What is eDelivery?

eDelivery is a free service provided by J.P. Morgan Funds which allows shareholders to be notified by e-mail when certain publications, such as fund prospectuses, annual reports, and proxy statements, become available online. Documents not available online will continue to be mailed. While many shareholders find eDelivery more convenient than postal delivery, printed copies may still be requested on our web site or through our service center.
Can I choose to receive the same document electronically and in the mail?

No. Correspondence that is selected for electronic delivery will no longer be sent via U.S. Mail. However, as a courtesy, copies can be viewed and printed from the Fund Explorer page.
What information do I need to sign up for eDelivery?

To sign up for eDelivery you will need your brokerage account number, your e-mail address, and the last four digits of the primary social security number on the brokerage account.
Why do I need to input my personal information?

The unique identifier of brokerage account number is what is referenced to determine if a shareholder should receive materials via email or in hard copy form.
Will personal information be sent over email?

No personal information regarding your account will be sent via email. Instead you will be emailed a notification that new regulatory materials are available and the email will include a link to the document that you are required to receive.
Will you sell or share my information?

No. We will not sell or share your email address or information with any other party.

Why can't I sign up for eDelivery?

eDelivery is not available for accounts held through certain brokerage firms. If your firm is not shown in the alphabetical broker listing, click here if your Broker/Financial Institution is not listed   to submit a request to add your firm. This will be used to encourage non-participating brokers to offer their shareholders an eDelivery option. Once your broker is added, you will need to sign up again with your account number through this site.

What if I want to change my delivery method after I sign up?

If you are direct shareholder with J.P. Morgan Funds, you can cancel enrollment via the same page that you use to sign up for eDelivery. If you are a beneficial shareholder invested through a broker, you may be able to cancel your enrollment by going to eDelivery or you may need to contact the bank/broker directly to cancel the eDelivery option.
I signed up for eDelivery of prospectuses and reports. Why am I still receiving paper copies in the mail?

It may take several weeks for correspondence groups to get updated for eDelivery, while other correspondence types are updated immediately. If your broker is not on the list of participating firms, entering your information will log your request, but the broker will need to become a participating eDelivery firm and then you will need to re-enroll to have your delivery options changed.
How long will my documents be available online?

Presently, the most current version of each regulatory report is available by going to our Fund Explorer.
How will I know that I have new information available online?

Each time a new regulatory document is filed that you are required to receive, an email notification will be sent to the email address you provided. This email will contain a link to the document on the J.P. Morgan Funds website for your convenience.
I signed up for eDelivery, and I am getting my correspondence via U.S. Mail again. Why?

Did you have a change in your email address? If we receive a returned email, you are automatically placed back on U.S. Mail delivery. You will need to update your contact information and reset your delivery preferences on the J.P. Morgan Funds website to re-establish eDelivery for your funds.
Why is there a different link to sign up for eDelivery of statements?

If you are a direct investor into a J.P. Morgan mutual fund, you can sign up for electronic delivery of statements directly with our transfer agent through our website. Just click on the “Fund Account Statements” link at eDelivery and enter the required information. If you are invested through a broker, you will need to with your individual broker regarding electronic statement availability.
How can I sign up for eDelivery if I am a client of the J.P. Morgan Private Bank?

As a Private Bank client, you can sign up for this free service by contacting your J.P Morgan Service Team to get started. Enrolling with this service will not only save postage and mailing costs for the securities in which you invested, but will also allow you to reduce the amount of mail you receive from us.