"Retirement" is different now than for previous generations, and many topics and issues are interconnected. In each section of the Guide to Retirement, we discuss common client misconceptions and retirement challenges, and provide the tools to address them.


This special guide examines the state of retirement today, organized into five sections:

  • Retirement landscape: Factors that shape today's retirement experience
  • Saving: The behaviors and best practices in saving for retirement
  • Spending: Behaviors and considerations for living in retirement
  • Investing: Building a retirement portfolio
  • Defined Contribution: New defined contribution section and expanded income ranges

In a thorough and wide-ranging 52-page analysis, this guide goes through a variety of important considerations. In "Retirement landscape", the issues include rising life expectancies, trends of Americans working longer, decisions on when to begin taking Social Security, the long-term impact of inflation on older Americans, and historic tax rates.

The discussion of saving touches on the benefit of saving early, how much you should have saved up until now based on your age and salary range, the negative impact of taking loans or hardship withdrawals from your retirement account, how Roth IRAs make the most sense if you think tax rates are more likely to rise than fall in the future, and more.

Other key points include annual health care costs and information on long-term care, changes in spending patterns, structuring a portfolio to match investor goals, and the long-term performance of major asset classes.

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