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Our Approach

Build stronger fixed income portfolios with J.P. Morgan

We have built and innovated our fixed income capabilities with just one aim: build stronger portfolios to solve our clients’ needs. Today we are one of the top fixed income managers in the world.

Diverse perspectives, integrated solutions

Tap into the proven success of one of the world’s largest fixed income managers, with broad experience gained across regions and market cycles.


Absolute Return / Unconstrained

Our Absolute Return / Unconstrained strategies seek to capitalize on all sources of fixed income return by allocating across the fixed income spectrum to provide long-term total return.

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Our strategies leverage the insights and expertise of our global platform to guide commodity positioning and risk-taking.

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Investment Strategies

Core and Core Plus

Our core fixed income strategies seek to maximize total return by investing primarily in a diversified portfolio of high quality investment grade securities.

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Currency markets provide investors with the opportunity to generate excess returns from the movement in exchange rates.  They also enable investors to control some of the risks inherent in cross-border investments and liabilities.

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Emerging Markets Debt

Issued by emerging market governments or companies (in both U.S. dollars and local currencies), these bonds provide clients with greater return potential and the ability to boost their income and yield.

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Diversified portfolios with broad allocations across global fixed income and currency markets.

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Our government strategies invest primarily in debt securities issued by governments.

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High Yield

Our High Yield strategies seek a high level of current income by investing primarily in a diversified portfolio of debt securities that are rated below investment grade or are unrated.

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Insurance Solutions

Our Global Fixed Income Insurance Solutions team delivers customized and integrated solutions to insurers globally. We combine the skills of insurance portfolio managers, the resources of a dedicated insurance client service team, and the infrastructure of a well-established risk management process.
Each insurance mandate offers unique challenges driven by a distinct set of liability funding profiles, financial objectives and risk tolerances. We believe our experience, approach and collaborative culture provide our clients with essential information to help make well-informed investment decisions.

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Investment Grade Credit

Issued by higher quality companies, investment grade corporate bonds can help clients potentially boost portfolio returns and target a higher level of income.

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Liability-Driven Investing

The Global Liability Driven Investment Solutions Group’s services are designed to provide institutional clients with best-in-class solutions from standard long duration index based mandates to high customized liability-driven strategies.

Where we are managing standard index based mandates our philosophy focuses on trying to maximize alpha with the least amount of risk. When trying to mimic a liability in a custom liability-driven strategy, our philosophy focuses on minimizing any deviation away from the strategic liability hedging benchmark.

Our philosophy includes both top-down and bottom-up investment styles. Each of these styles will vary depending on client requirements and market cycles and it also will depend on the portfolio manager’s view on markets and individual security valuations and opportunities.

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Mortgage Related Strategies

Our strategies seek to maximize total return by investing primarily in a diversified portfolio of debt securities backed by pools of residential and/or commercial mortgages and other assets, offering clients increased return potential.

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Stable Value

Stable Value Bond strategies are a conservative investment option offered predominantly in defined contribution plans. These strategies are suitable for investors seeking a higher yield than cash or for those who wish to maintain a relatively modest risk profile. They are also suitable for fixed income investors who seek diversification from a multi-sector strategy focused on income.

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Tax-Aware Strategies

Our Tax-Aware strategies seek current income exempt from federal income taxes by investing primarily in municipal securities. Potential issuers of municipal bonds include states, cities, counties, redevelopment agencies, special-purpose districts, school districts, public utility districts, publicly owned airports and seaports, and any other governmental entity at or below the state level. Municipal bonds may be general obligations of the issuer or secured by specified revenues.

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