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Our Approach

Our fixed income platform is founded on shared knowledge and the expertise that comes with over 60 years of experience across market cycles. Our specialist investment teams offer opportunities across every major fixed income sector, seeking to deliver consistently strong risk-adjusted returns.
Diverse perspectives, integrated solutions
Expertise: One of the world’s largest fixed income managers, with broad experience gained across regions and market cycles and a globally integrated team of experienced investment professionals.
Process: A common research language ensures our most compelling ideas are fully reflected in portfolios, while multi-dimensional risk management is embedded at every stage of our investment process.
Results: A wide variety of outcome-oriented solutions designed to help our clients build stronger fixed income portfolios.
Outcome-oriented strategies spanning global bond markets
We believe the best fixed income outcomes are a result of combining the keenest minds with the
most comprehensive resources. That’s why our fixed income solutions fully leverage the breadth of
our global expertise, providing comprehensive coverage of markets, sectors and bond strategies to
meet the demands of today’s institutional investors.
A shared global fixed income research language
Every fixed income investment decision we make is assessed based on our in-depth fundamental, quantitative and technical analysis.
Fundamental factors include macroeconomic data as well corporate health figures (such as default rates, earnings and leverage metrics).


Absolute Return / Unconstrained

Our Absolute Return Fixed Income strategies seek to capitalize on all sources of fixed income return by allocating across the fixed income spectrum to provide long-term absolute return.
Our Unconstrained Fixed Income strategies provide access to our highest conviction “best ideas”, without constraint, allowing investors to add diversification to portfolios while targeting total returns.

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Our commodity strategies leverage the insights and expertise of our global platform to guide positioning and risk-taking in commodity markets.

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Core and Core Plus

Our Core and Core Plus fixed income strategies seek to maximize total return by investing primarily in diversified portfolios of high-quality debt securities across multiple sectors of the fixed income market.

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Our currency strategies provide investors with the opportunity to generate excess returns from the movement in exchange rates. They also enable investors to control some of the risks inherent in cross-border investments and liabilities.

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Emerging Markets Debt

Our emerging market debt strategies seek to provide clients with greater return potential and the ability to boost their income and yield by investing in diversified portfolios of emerging market debt securities issued by governments or companies (in both U.S. dollars and local currencies).

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Our government bond strategies aim to provide low-volatility, low-risk returns by investing primarily in debt securities issued by governments.

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High Yield Corporates & Loans

Our high-yield strategies seek a high level of current income by investing primarily in a diversified portfolio of debt securities that are rated below-investment-grade or are unrated.

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Insurance Solutions

Our Global Fixed Income Insurance Solutions are designed to address challenges driven by a distinct set of liability funding profiles, financial objectives and risk tolerances. We believe our experience, approach and collaborative culture provide our clients with essential information to help make well-informed investment decisions.

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Investment Grade Corporates and Credit

Issued by higher-quality companies, investment-grade corporate bonds can help clients potentially boost portfolio returns and target a higher level of income.

View Investment Grade Corporates and Credit

Long-Duration/Liability-Driven Investing

Our Duration-Managed strategies are designed to provide institutional clients with best-in-class solutions from standard long-duration, index-based liability-driven mandates to highly customized liability-driven strategies and stable-value funds.

View Long-Duration/Liability-Driven Investing


Our Tax-Aware strategies seek current income exempt from federal income taxes by investing primarily in municipal securities.

View Municipals

Securitized Credit

Our Securitized Credit Strategies seek to maximize total return by investing primarily in a diversified portfolio of debt securities backed by pools of residential and/or commercial mortgages and other assets, offering clients increased return potential.

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Short Duration

Our short-duration strategy aims to provide strong risk-adjusted returns and consistent outperformance versus the benchmark by allocating across fixed income securities and sectors, including Treasuries, Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS), credit, municipals, asset backed securities (ABS), mortgage-backed securities (MBS) and agency bonds.

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Stable Value

Stable Value bond strategies are a conservative investment option offered predominantly in defined contribution plans.

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