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Our Approach

Our innovative alternative investments are specifically designed to help investors achieve real returns and add diversification to portfolios. We offer solutions spanning real estate, infrastructure and transport, private equity, private credit, liquid alternatives and hedge funds.
Outcome-focused strategies
ExpertiseClients benefit from the specialist knowledge and global reach of our independent alternative investment teams.
Process:  Our outcome-oriented investment approach is based on proven fundamental and quantitative research, and a deep understanding of global markets.
Results:  As one of the world’s largest Alternative asset managers, we have over 40 years of experience delivering innovative alternative strategies across market cycles.
Investment solutions designed to expand investment horizons
Today’s market environment means investors need to consider new, dynamic investment opportunities to meet their return objectives. Through our Alternatives platform, we provide a spectrum of innovative investments that, when used correctly, can play a key role in providing new sources of return and portfolio diversification.


Alternative Beta

Our long/short Alternative Beta portfolios utilize factors to provide exposure to return sources that are diversifying to traditional asset classes.

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Hedge Funds

J.P. Morgan Asset Management provides institutional clients with a broad range of hedge fund solutions through two specialist providers.

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Infrastructure & Transport

Our infrastructure and transportation strategies offer a variety of ways to tap into the diversification benefits, return and yield potential presented by the assets that form the foundations of the global economy.

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Private Credit

Two specialist teams at J.P. Morgan Asset Management provide our institutional clients with dedicated private-debt expertise.

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Private Equity

The J.P. Morgan Private Equity Group (PEG) is one of the longest-standing and most successful private equity firms in the industry. We have been active investors in the private equity market since 1980, investing broadly across geographic regions.

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Real Estate

Unlike traditional investments, real estate assets are tangible: office buildings, warehouses, apartments and stores. They require highly specialized skill sets, broad platform capabilities and dedicated professionals to maximize return on investment.

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Real estate securities (REITs) provide portfolios with exposure to the investment performance of commercial real estate. At J.P. Morgan Asset Management, we offer institutional separate account, sub-advisory and fund structures providing a wide range of public real estate investment strategies through our dedicated REITs manager.

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