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Our Approach

Sustainable investing is here to stay

With decades of investment experience and more than 1,200 professionals behind us, we focus on generating the best possible risk-adjusted returns that align with our clients’ objectives.  As a signatory to the United Nations’ Principles for Responsible Investment since 2007, we’re committed to incorporating ESG factors into our investment practices.

Our firm-wide commitment to sustainable investing, which has always been an implicit facet of our engagement and investment processes, was formalised with the establishment of a Sustainable Investment Leadership Team whose mandate is to implement a coordinated strategy for sustainable investing. This cross-functional team comprises senior leaders with a deep and diverse set of expertise across asset class and client channels with a goal to systematically integrate ESG factors into process where material, relevant and consistent with fiduciary duties, across investment engines. The team focuses on: Find more information about our Environmental, Social and Governance capabilities >

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