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Choosing your investments

Once you have assessed your investment risk appetite and decided on your investment goals, you can begin to narrow down your fund selection and choose the funds to put in your account. You can choose from equity funds, bond funds or multi-asset funds. You can make your investment using an Open Ended Investment Company (OEIC) or an investment trust.

In addition, J.P. Morgan Asset Management also manage SICAVs which are Luxembourg-domiciled open-ended collective schemes. Many of these are available to UK investors via third party providers or through a professional adviser.

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Equity funds

Equity funds invest in the shares of a broad selection of companies, with investment decisions taken by professional fund managers. They are primarily used by investors looking to access the long-term growth potential of global stock markets, although some equity funds also produce a regular income, or a combination of growth and income.

Bond funds

Bonds are issued by governments, companies and other borrowers to raise money for a certain period of time. In return, the borrower pays the bond holder a regular income over the lifetime of the bond and promises to repay the lender when the bond matures. Bond funds can invest in bonds issued by a range of different borrowers, including governments and companies. They can be used by investors looking to generate a regular income, or for capital growth, or a combination of both.

Multi-asset funds

Multi-asset funds can invest in equities and bonds to spread risk and take advantage of a wide range of investment opportunities. They can focus on long-term returns, or on producing a regular income, or combination of both.

OEICs and investment trusts

The majority of the equity, bond and multi-asset/total return funds that we offer are open-ended funds, such as OEICs. However, we also offer access to investment trusts.


Our SICAVs are Luxembourg-domiciled open-ended funds which provide access to a different range of strategies for UK investors than is available in our OEIC or investment trust range. You can find further information on the SICAVs that are available to UK investors, including the Key Investor Information Document (KIID), through your financial adviser or via third party providers.