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Global Asset Allocation Views 4Q 2018

Global growth is above trend, but changes to U.S. trade policy and the impact of higher U.S. rates have increased risks to our outlook. We overweight stocks, but trim our positioning, upgrade duration to a small overweight and remain neutral on credit.
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Global Equity Views 3Q 2018

While U.S. equities are progressing and stocks elsewhere have been weaker, we remain reasonably optimistic. Earnings are rising at a healthy pace and valuations look reasonable. Fears about profits’ sustainability may restrain gains from here.
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Global Fixed Income Views 2Q 2018

With a central bank backdrop supportive of risk assets, Above Trend Growth is the likeliest scenario. As rates rise, we remain cautious on duration, favoring stronger growth and higher inflation sectors including securitized credit, U.S and European high yield and U.S. leveraged loans.
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