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Global Asset Allocation Views 3Q 2019

Trade disputes are raising the downside risks to our forecast for slightly subtrend growth. We retain our mild underweight to stocks and prefer to take risk in carry assets like credit. Reflecting valuations, we downgrade duration to neutral.
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Global Equity Views 2Q 2019

We are more cautious after the first quarter’s gains, but we continue to find opportunitiesacross global markets, including in higher-quality value-oriented and cyclical stocks. Trade andtariffs pose the biggest risks to our outlook. 
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Global Fixed Income Views 2Q19

We cut the chances of Above Trend Growth to 45%; we expect a soft landing and roughly trend growth for the global economy and don’t see recession in 2019 or early 2020. Favored sectors: emerging market debt and FX, BBB corporates, high yield credit and loans and short-term securitized credit.   
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