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Implementing an alternative beta strategy

Alternative beta has transformed the way investors access alternative Investments as these strategies provide liquidity, low costs and transparent exposure to hedge fund styles.  This case study discusses how investors can implement alternative beta investments to their portfolios.
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Designing a liability driven investment (LDI) strategy

Investors can help balance investment risks to offset liabilities and improve funded status through appropriate LDI investment strategies.  This case study reviews how a better understanding of risk appetites, objectives and goals can lead to implantation of a LDI investment strategy.
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Building a global real assets portfolio

By Bernie McNamara
In this case study, we share how investors can implement the Realization by adding private real assets to pension plan allocations.
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This Case Studies section is a tool for organizations to experience how J.P. Morgan’s global investment professionals have addressed several common needs and challenges that our clients have encountered. Through a three-step approach, each Case Study discusses the overarching challenge, J.P. Morgan’s investment approach, and the solution our clients receive.

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