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Providing comprehensive solutions

Global Insurance Solutions provides accounting-related solutions that helps clients:

  • Stay informed on regulatory developments that impact their portfolios
  • Operate more efficiently through outsourced accounting solutions
  • Gain access to more robust portfolio reporting tools

Investment accounting and reporting capabilities

Regulatory Insights
  • Track new developments in global insurance regulations through research and direct communication with regulators that impacts the insurance industry
  • Regularly produced publications detail important accounting and regulatory matters that affects our clients’ investment strategies and financial reporting requirements
  • Attend and participate in industry conferences to stay informed on the latest issues and topics affecting our clients

Outsourced Accounting Solutions
  • Support for multi-basis accounting needs – NAIC Statutory, local/national GAAP (e.g. US GAAP, UK GAAP, German GAAP, etc.) and IFRS
  • Regulatory reporting for quarterly and annual statement investment disclosures
  • Custody and general ledger feeds, reconciliations, operational and audit support
  • Additional support:
    • Impairment, OTTI, CECL analysis
    • Cash flow modeling, Shock analysis
    • RBC and credit rating agency assessments
Portfolio Reporting
  • Real-time, 24/7 access to investment accounts on our web-based accounting platform, powered by Clearwater Analytics
  • Detailed, customizable reports – holdings, transactions and income reports – complete with lot-level accounting data and investment analytics
  • Ability to aggregate investment data to support performance, risk and management reporting for internal and external stakeholders

Accounting and reporting insights

NAIC Summer National Meeting Capital Framework Discussion

New York – August 3-6: The NAIC released a proposal to reduce Life RBC charges for equity investments held over a long horizon that back long-term liabilities.

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NAIC 2019 Summer National Meeting

New York – August 3-6: Comprehensive Fund Proposal has been adopted providing clarity around Schedule BA assets.

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2019 IFRS Foundation Conference

London, UK – June 20 - 21: Amendments to IFRS 17 have been introduced, designed to ease implementation without disrupting implementation processes currently underway.

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NAIC International Insurance Forum

Global capital requirements and systemic risk within the insurance industry dominated the conversation at this year’s NAIC International Insurance Forum.

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NAIC Spring National Meeting Capital Framework Discussion

Orlando - April 6-9: The Capital Adequacy Task Force will assess the NAIC’s universe of rated funds for RBC implications.

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NAIC Spring National Meeting Key Takeaways

Orlando - April 6-9: Comprehensive Fund Proposal has been adopted providing clarity around Schedule BA assets.

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NAIC 2018 Fall National Meeting

The Valuation of Securities Task Force has deferred a few key initiatives into 2019, including the “Comprehensive Fund Proposal”.

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NAIC 2018 Summer National Meeting

The new corporate bond factors implementation of 2019 might be a “longshot”.

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IFRS 2018 Foundation Conference

New insurance-related disclosures will provide additional insight into the effects of insurers’ local regulatory requirements.

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NAIC 2018 International Insurance Forum

Regulators must show an appreciation for differing business models when designing controls to combat systemic risk.

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NAIC 2018 Spring National Meeting

The NAIC addresses the new Federal Tax Reform and its impact on proposed 2019 implementation of corporate RBC bond factors.

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In case you missed it

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Upcoming NAIC National Meetings

  • NAIC Fall Meeting, Austin, TX - December 7-10, 2019
  • NAIC Spring Meeting, Phoenix, AZ – March 21-24, 2020
  • NAIC Summer Meeting, Minneapolis, MN – August 8-11, 2020
  • NAIC Fall Meeting, Indianapolis, IN – November 14-17, 2020



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