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Empowering better decisions

The Strategy & Analytics team advises insurers on asset allocation and capital management while managing accounting, regulatory, rating agency and ALM and tax considerations.

Strategy & Analytics capabilities

IncludedImage Asset Allocation
  • Asset Liability Analysis / Benchmarking
  • Flexible portfolio optimization
  • Customized strategic and tactical asset allocation
IncludedImage Peer Analysis and Industry Data
  • Understanding of global insurance regulatory frameworks
  • Review of asset allocations, investment income, underwriting, and other key metrics
  • Selection of insurer peer universe based on custom criteria
IncludedImage Risk Management
  • Application of non-normal asset return models
  • Tracking error analysis relative to an asset benchmark or a liability model
  • Return on regulatory or economic capital
  • Stress testing
IncludedImage Custom Analysis
  • ISIN/CUSIP level analysis to determine asset sales
  • Historical market analysis and economic data based on ad-hoc requests
  • Multi-period ISIN/CUSIP level ALM analysis
IncludedImage Thought Leadership
  • Leverage our global, multi-asset capabilities to provide deep capital markets insights and intellectual capital to inform investment decisions
  • Access to exclusive publications, conferences, roundtables, webcasts and videos

Insights to empower better investment decisions

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Mark Snyder
Head of Institutional Strategy & Analytics
Gareth Haslip
Global Head of Insurance Strategy & Analytics

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