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J.P. Morgan’s Global Insurance Solutions Group is dedicated to delivering customized and integrated solutions to insurers globally.

  • Capital markets knowledge and strategic advice
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Shifting insurance company allocations: Implications for high yield
The likely consequences of proposed changes to regulatory capital requirements for U.S. life insurers expected in 2017 as well as U.S. GAAP accounting changes for insurance companies that file U.S. GAAP, starting in fiscal years ending after December 15, 2017 may result in a potential increase in structural demand for high yield bonds affecting our asset allocation views.
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Preparing for IFRS 9: Investment implications for insurers
The migration from IAS 39 to IFRS 9 is expected to result in changes to the accounting treatment of different types of financial instruments. Some of these accounting changes will have implications for the level and volatility of reported profits. This paper outlines the potential investment implications of IFRS 9 on bond and equity investment strategies.
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Islands of yield, channels of diversification
Since the collapse of interest rates in the aftermath of the financial crisis, investment grade (IG) fixed income supply (taking advantage of low yields) and investment grade demand (eager for any yields at all) have both surged. Now, as global policy rates begin to diverge, we believe non-US investors should refocus their attention on US corporate investment grade opportunities.
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Rethinking the "core". Finding the middle ground in equities
In an environment of lower returns and higher volatility, equity approaches that straddle both actively and passively managed strategies can help investors generate higher returns or minimize volatility.
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Take stock: Equity investing for P&C insurers
Public equity investments diversify risk in income-oriented portfolios, typically offer higher expected returns than fixed income securities and provide a ready source of liquidity.
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Plausible Alternatives
Alternative investments seem in many respects to constitute, for lack of a better term, the best alternative for insurance portfolios today.
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Buy and maintain: A smarter approach to credit portfolio management
Provides an investment framework that addresses the issues raised by the credit crisis so that investors can benefit from more resilient portfolios.
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Delivering integrated solutions for insurers globally
  • Capital markets knowledge and strategic advice
  • Global investment expertise and solutions
  • Proactive partnership
  • Comprehensive strategy & analytics framework

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