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Our Approach

With each relationship, we draw on our more than 160 years of fiduciary and philanthropic experience. We partner with many of the world’s largest E&Fs and more than 4,300 charitable organizations managing approximately $36 billon in assets. We work closely with our clients to:
  • Design portfolios for the long term
  • Refine asset allocation decisions
  • Develop innovative approaches to risk management
  • Formulate the building blocks of sound investment policy
  • Strengthen board governance guidelines

Monica Issar, Global Head of the Endowments and Foundations Group, discusses the challenges investors face and the investment opportunities they seek in their search for alpha.

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Click here for our 2014 Long-Term Capital Market Return Assumptions – our annual assessment of the long-term outlook for all major asset classes and markets.


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Monica Issar
Global Head of J.P. Morgan Endowments and Foundations Group

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