We are pleased to present our 2014 Long-Term Capital Market Return Assumptions — our annual assessment of the long-term outlook for all major asset classes and markets.

Now in their 18th year, our Long-Term Capital Market Return Assumptions are the result of meticulous analysis by our Capital Market Assumptions Committee, a team of senior investors from across our firm. This analysis is supported by input from portfolio managers and product specialists based in our offices around the world.
These Long-term Capital Market Return Assumptions are used widely by institutional investors—including pension plans, insurance companies, endowments and foundations — to ensure that investment policies and decisions are based on real-world, consistent views and can be tested under a variety of market scenarios.
Full Report
This full report is intended to be a comprehensive analysis, offering an accessible and transparent audit trail for clients and their boards and regulators.
Long-term capital market return assumptions 2014
J.P. Morgan Asset Management Long-term Capital Market Return Assumptions summarize our long-term (10–15 year) return expectations, expected volatilities and correlations across key asset classes.
Executive Summary
This executive summary highlights the major investment themes and the rationale behind our long-term capital market return assumptions.
Three senior members of our Assumptions Committee–David Shairp, Michael Feser and Tony Werley–will reveal our 18th annual updated long-term (10- to 15-year) capital market return and risk assumptions which include: 
  • A review of the broad themes impacting our capital market assumptions-particularly, whether markets are finally returning to normality after the dislocation of the financial crisis
  • An overview of our assumptions over the last decade, looking at how well they have stood the test of time during an unprecedented period
  • A presentation of our long-term outlook across a broad range of asset classes, from traditional to alternative