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J.P. Morgan Institutional Asset Management is a global leader in asset management, providing capital markets knowledge and investment expertise to our clients across every strategic asset class and investment region. Please use the index below to browse our investment capabilities. You can also click on the columns below to sort by asset class or capability.

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Asset Class Capabilities Investment Strategy
Advisory Services NA NA
Alternatives REITs NA
Alternatives Private Credit NA
Alternatives Infrastructure & Transport NA
Alternatives Real Estate NA
Alternatives Alternative Beta NA
Alternatives Private Equity NA
Alternatives Hedge Funds NA
Alternatives NA NA
Environmental, Social & Governance NA NA
Equity Emerging Markets, Asia Pacific & Japan NA
Equity United Kingdom/Europe NA
Equity NA QDV Small Cap Value
Equity Global Developed NA
Equity United States NA
Fixed Income Short Duration NA
Fixed Income Stable Value NA
Fixed Income Absolute Return / Unconstrained NA
Fixed Income Investment Grade Corporates and Credit NA
Fixed Income Long-Duration/Liability-Driven Investing NA
Fixed Income Currency NA
Fixed Income Core and Core Plus NA
Fixed Income Securitized Credit NA
Fixed Income High Yield Corporates & Loans NA
Fixed Income Commodities NA
Fixed Income Municipals NA
Fixed Income Emerging Markets Debt NA
Fixed Income Government NA
Fixed Income Insurance Solutions NA
Global Liquidity NA NA
Multi-Asset Solutions Insurance Solutions NA
Multi-Asset Solutions Liability Driven Investing NA
Multi-Asset Solutions Outsourced CIO (OCIO) NA
Multi-Asset Solutions Target Date Strategies NA
Multi-Asset Solutions NA Diversified Suite
Multi-Asset Solutions NA Liability Driven Investing
Multi-Asset Solutions NA Target Date Strategies
Multi-Asset Solutions NA Outsourced CIO (OCIO)
Alternatives NA NA
Quantitative Beta Strategies Quantitative Beta Alternative Beta Solutions
Quantitative Beta Strategies Quantitative Beta Strategic Beta Solutions
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