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Sustainable Investing

Our Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) strategy is underpinned by a research-driven approach

Our approach to sustainable investing

Strategies with long-term sustainable approach

We believe that ESG objectives and financial goals are not mutually exclusive. In fact, many of our core investment capabilities incorporate ESG factors into their analysis with the primary goal of delivering exceptional investment returns. Our broad product depth and global research means we can partner with clients to meet their needs across a spectrum of solutions, including strategies that bring together a variety of sustainable capabilities.

Our sustainable investing capabilities extend across asset classes and investment approaches


Our business principles

Transparency on ESG issues

We believe all our stakeholders should be able to understand the way we conduct our business—and the way we use our resources and capabilities to help tackle the ESG issues that matter most to our organisation and our stakeholders.

Our approach to ESG is underpinned by our firm-wide business principles:

JPMorgan Chase Business Principles

Exceptional Client Service
  • Focus on the customer
  • Be field and client driven and operate at the local level
  • Build world-class franchises, investing for the long term, to serve our clients
Operational Excellence
  • Set the highest standards of performance
  • Demand financial rigor and risk discipline: We will always maintain a fortress balance sheet
  • Strive for the best internal governance and controls
  • Act and think like owners and partners
  • Strive to build and maintain the best, most efficient systems and operations
  • Be disciplined in everything we do
  • Execute with both skill and urgency
A Commitment to Integrity, Fairness and Responsibility
  • Do not compromise our integrity
  • Face facts
  • Have fortitude
  • Foster an environment of respect, inclusiveness, humanity and humility
  • Help strengthen the communities in which we live and work
A Great Team and Winning Culture
  • Hire, train and retain great, diverse employees
  • Build teamwork, loyalty and morale
  • Maintain an open, entrepreneurial meritocracy for all
  • Communicate honestly, clearly and consistently
  • Strive to be good leaders

Our cross-capability approach to sustainable investing

Addressing ESG across the asset class spectrum


ESG is three issues, not just one

When it comes to ESG, there’s no single response that fits all market reviews on its three core elements. Governance has long been part of our process, and our view on board balance, disclosure & transparency, rights of shareholders, and alignment of compensation is broadly homogeneous between markets and our client constituency. Environmental concerns are increasingly part of the investment landscape as legislation changes the rules, and social issues too can have a real impact on a business.

However, views on best practice in ESG can vary widely. That’s why we believe the best approach is to focus on the potential economic impact of these issues and apply an appropriate discount when making investment decisions, while always keeping our clients’ needs and views top of mind.

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Global Fixed Income, Currency and Commodities (GFICC)

Integrating ESG criteria into our investment process

We’re committed to delivering superior investment performance to our clients worldwide. We believe that one of the drivers of that performance over the long term is an assessment of ESG issues and practices of the companies in which we invest our clients’ assets. We expect those companies to conduct their business in a sustainable manner and to demonstrate the highest standards in the management of their business at all times.

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Alternatives: Global Real Assets (GRA)

Putting your fiduciary interest first

J.P. Morgan Asset Management – Global Real Assets believes that continuous improvement of our assets with respect to environment, social and governance (ESG) policies will ultimately improve the environment in which those assets exist and, more importantly, enhance their competitiveness and asset value. Our broad objectives for Real Estate Americas regarding sustainability are to:

  • Act in the highest fiduciary interest of our clients by maintaining institutional quality assets, improving operating performance at the property level and maximizing value
  • Be a responsible landlord, reducing costs for tenants and improving the occupant experience
  • Act as a responsible corporate citizen and foster similar pursuits by our tenants and residents.

We integrate ESG into every investment decision. Sustainability issues are identified and quantified as part of our investment due diligence process, not only as a pre-requisite for responsible investing, but also as a tool to identify and mitigate potential risks. As a member of the North American Benchmarking Committee of GRESB, the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark, and a participant in a range of industry groups from UNPRI, USGBC, WGBC, ICSC, ULI and NCREIF, we are working to shape the conversation by identifying, tracking and discussing the ESG metrics that are material to real estate investment. The Real Estate Americas team is committed to improving the sustainability of each asset through a philosophy, strategy and tactics that match our program goals with the specific strategies of each individual property.

We view sustainability efforts as synonymous with cost efficient asset management, designed to maximize returns for our investors.

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Alternatives: Private Equity

Pinpointing premium private equity opportunities

Our Private Equity Group (PEG) has one simple goal: to identify and select the most attractive investments from a broad spectrum of private equity investment opportunities. Sustainable investing is an integral part of PEG’s investment diligence process. PEG assesses the environmental, social and governance behaviours and practices of the companies and underlying third party private equity managers with which we invest.

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Alternatives: Global Hedge Fund Solutions

Champions of consistent best practice

We only partner with high-calibre managers that have been rigorously vetted. We expect those managers to follow a best-practice approach at all times. If they don’t, we encourage them to change the way they work.

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Alternatives: Absolute Return and Opportunistic Fixed Income

Financial factors are just the start of the story

Our Absolute Return and Opportunistic Team (ARO) is committed to delivering superior investment performance to its clients worldwide. We believe that one of the drivers of that performance over the long term is an assessment of ESG issues and practices of the corporations, financial institutions and supranational organisations in which we invest our clients’ assets. We expect them to conduct their business in a sustainable manner and to demonstrate the highest standards at all times.

As a global provider of absolute return fixed income advisory services for clients in a range of sectors and geographies around the world, we recognise that our investment decisions can have significant impact. Taking into consideration, where relevant and material, non-financial factors such as ESG criteria with financial priorities is fundamental to sound risk management, and a core part of our fiduciary responsibility to produce strong risk-adjusted returns.

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