JPMorgan SmartRetirement funds seek to help individuals achieve a comfortable level of income replacement during retirement by delivering consistent risk-adjusted returns throughout an individual's retirement investment horizon.

Our approach:

Taking real-world participant behavior and savings patterns into account is an essential component of how we design glide paths. Our approach to target date investing is differentiated by the integrated execution of four components that we believe are critical for effective portfolio construction, glide path management and generating better investment outcomes for individuals: Risk Management, Strategic Asset Allocation, Manager Selection and Tactical Asset Allocation.
Our target date strategies are built upon insights gained from analyzing participant behavior and investment choices that we have integrated into our glide path. By investing at controlled levels of risk-through broader asset class diversification and relatively rapid reduction to equity exposure in the years leading to retirement–our SmartRetirement strategies seek to lower volatility without sacrificing long-term return potential. The SmartRetirement glide path, which we divide into three sections for illustrative purposes, is shown below:

Who we are:

Our SmartRetirement target date suite is managed by the firm's Multi-Asset Solutions, a team of 100+ investment professionals located in London, New York and Hong Kong. Leveraging the depth of J.P. Morgan, Multi-Asset Solutions has access to over 250 investment strategies, as well as proprietary insights into asset allocation, investment selection and risk management.

We offer active and passive blend strategies to individuals and institutions and a range of glide path solutions with various levels of customization available to clients that meet certain criteria.
Choosing the appropriate target date strategy requires an evaluation and selection process based on a plan's goals and objectives. For more information on our suite of target date implementation options, including custom glide path design, contact your J.P. Morgan representative or email us at