Investment Overview

We believe that consistently excellent investment results can be achieved by investing in a diversified portfolio of dominant, high-quality assets while maintaining a low risk profile across the portfolio. The strategy's research-based portfolio construction process leverages the information advantage created by our in-depth real estate expertise and firm-wide research capabilities.
 An example of a core U.S. real estate asset.

Investment Approach

Focus on high quality underlying assets
The quality and location of our assets, particularly the strength of our super regional malls and large office assets in primary markets, continues to differentiate the strategy.

Stronger growth demographics
The strategy seeks to invest in attractive stabilized assets in markets with strong growth demographics.

Solid current income yield
The strategy’s portfolio of quality assets attracts desirable tenants. The demand for high quality assets and strong leasing velocity across the portfolio provide for a solid, consistent current income yield. Our real estate asset managers constantly monitor the existing tenant base and execute leasing strategies for future growth at the asset level.

Broad portfolio diversification
The size of the strategy enables us to invest in large, high-quality assets, such as fortress malls and trophy office buildings in primary markets. The strategy’s size allows for broad portfolio diversification. No single asset, tenant or industry has undue influence on the value or performances of the portfolio. Additionally, our size and nimbleness allows us access to all major transactions offered through intermediaries and also to transactions not generally available on a competitive basis.

Minimal new development (pure core)
Focus is on attractive stabilized investments with high quality physical improvements.