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Actively sharing expertise

Access to a deeply resourced network of investment professionals who take a research-driven approach to uncovering opportunities and risks.

1,100+ investment professionals
gather information locally and share it globally to make better decisions on your behalf.1
5,000+ company visits
allow us to meet face to face with the businesses in our investment universe.1
330+ million
spent each year to research potential investments and keep tabs on those we
already own.1

Building the right investment portfolio

Enabling better asset allocation decisions with strategies covering all asset classes.


With a vast range of investment opportunities spread across asset classes and regions, our asset allocation expertise can help you capture the full potential of diversification and achieve your investment goals.

Tapping into proven success

Invest with a trusted and experienced leader.


J.P. Morgan Asset Management has assisted in the financing of the Statue of Liberty (1886), established U.S. Steel and General Electric (1906), and in 2008 helped rescue the U.S. financial system from crisis.

Today, we manage $1.7 trillion in client assets and have more than 120 years experience helping some of the world’s most sophisticated institutional investors achieve their investment goals.2


Empowering better decisions

Sharing our expertise through access to insights and tools on the dynamics of capital markets and asset allocation strategies.

IncludedImage IncludedImage IncludedImage
Team of investing experts
taking the complexity out of key issues, and providing insights to help inform investment decisions.
Online educational hub
designed to give you the tools you need to build stronger portfolios for your institution.
Risk and return projections
for more than 50 strategy and asset classes over a 10- to 15- year period.

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1 Source: J.P. Morgan Asset Management as of March 31, 2018.

2 Source: J.P. Morgan Asset Management as of March 31, 2018. Stated AUM figures exclude retail advisory and glide path portfolios.

years with
J.P. Morgan