Partnering with corporate pension plans for more than 60 years

Defined Benefit pension plans continue to represent an important source of retirement income for many participants across industry and business sectors.

Over the past few years, however, plan sponsors have been challenged by persistent funded status volatility, compelling them to take action including: de-risking, closing plans to new participants, or looking for a holistic/total portfolio solution to better manage plan assets.

J.P. Morgan Asset Management's dedicated team of corporate pension specialists can develop product-agnostic and industry-leading market insights that help plan sponsors navigate these and other challenges.


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of experience investing in pension assets


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Together, we can help develop the best investment strategy for your plan.

Pension Strategy & Analytics

Provides detailed, proprietary analysis on asset-liability modeling, glidepath construction and strategic asset allocation throughout the pension lifecycle

Multi-Asset Solutions

Combines macroeconomic outlook with manager selection to develop an integrated portfolio approach

Global Fixed Income Currency & Commodities (GFICC) Pension Solutions

Provides clients with best-in-class liability driven investing solutions

Empowering better decisions