Asia Private Equity

JPMorgan Private Equity Group has been investing in Asia since 1985. We have extensive investment experience with strong relationships throughout the region. Our team is local, based in Hong Kong, and we partner with experienced, local general partners and entrepreneurs with high quality deal flow and strong track records.
Our Asia strategy is opportunistic and highly selective. While our primary focus is China and opportunistically India, Japan, South Korea, Australia, we make investments across Asia and across stages in corporate finance and venture capital.
The Asia private equity market has become more competitive and our strong relationships and reputation have allowed us to access and secure meaningful allocations from the highest quality general partners, many of which do not have allocations available for new investors. We have also established ourselves as preferred partners with the requisite financial and human resources to be lead investors.

China Private Equity

In 2010, the Private Equity Group entered into a historic and exclusive joint venture partnership with BSCOMC, the city of Beijing's largest holding company.
This Joint Venture partnership will invest in 20 to 30 local companies in China and in local RMB currency and has the opportunity to make those investments in RMB through a QFLP quota held by the partnership.
This partnership will provide non-Chinese investors a unique opportunity to invest in local Chinese high growth companies alongside approved Chinese investors.