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Sustainable Forestry Initiative
J.P. Morgan is proud to support the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI), a fully independent, charitable organization dedicated to promoting sustainable forest management.

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J.P.Morgan Funds is pleased to announce eDelivery—a convenient way to receive electronic versions of your shareholder documents—including account statements, fund prospectuses, annual and semi-annual reports, and proxy statements. By “going green,” you not only gain faster access to fund documents, but you also support J.P. Morgan Fund’s efforts to promote sustainable forestry through the Sustainable Forestry Initiative.

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Please note: eDelivery is applicable to direct shareholders of J.P. Morgan Funds only. If your account is not held directly with J.P. Morgan Funds, you will need to contact the firm in which you are invested for information on the eDelivery of account information and shareholder materials.

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