Short-Term Fixed Income Funds

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Managed Income Fund

Managed Income Fund seeks to provide current income with low volatility.
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Short-Intermediate Municipal Bond Fund

Short-Intermediate Municipal Bond Fund seeks a high level of current income exempt from federal income tax consistent with relative stability of principal.
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Short Duration Bond Fund

Short Duration Bond Fund seeks current income consistent with preservation of capital through investment in high- and medium-grade fixed income securities.
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Separately Managed Accounts

Our separately managed accounts allow clients to define their own parameters for security, returns and liquidity based upon their risk tolerance and cash flow needs.
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Liquidity Investors and Basel III

Liquidity investors are increasingly focused on the impact of Basel III regulations. In a white paper and video interview, Andrew Linton, Head of Product Development, J.P Morgan Global Liquidity, explains that these rules significantly change how banks manage their balance sheets. Understanding the new bank calculus will enable cash investors to most effectively structure and segment their portfolios.

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