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Available on select insurance platforms, the VIT portfolios offer a tax-deferred advantage and follow similar portfolio objectives as the Global Allocation and Income Builder mutual funds.

Income Builder Portfolio

Scour the world, find more yield

Using a flexible approach that seeks only the best income opportunities from around the globe, our Income Builder Portfolio aims to provide investors with an attractive income stream.


Global Allocation Portfolio

There’s growth to be found when you know where to look

With access to the entirety of J.P. Morgan’s global investment platform, the Global Allocation Portfolio searches worldwide to maximize total return, while also managing risk.

The power of tax-deferred compounding

Page 29 of the Guide to Retirement illustrates how tax-advantaged accounts can shelter income-producing investments from current income taxation and may result in a higher after-tax return and greater long-term growth than taxable accounts.

Taxable vs. tax-deferred investing over a 30-year timeframe1

JPMorgan Insurance Trust Portfolios

We offer a broad range of style-pure strategies intended for funding various insurance contacts, including variable annuity, variable life, variable universal life and corporate owned life insurance policies. Learn more about our suite of JPMorgan Insurance Trust portfolios.

The Global Allocation and Income Builder Portfolios are available from the following insurance companies²:

AXA EQUITABLE       |       LINCOLN FINANCIAL       |       NATIONWIDE       |       PACIFIC LIFE       |       PRUDENTIAL



¹Source: J.P. Morgan Asset Management. Assumes $5,500 after-tax contributions at the beginning of each year for 30 years and 6.0% annual investment return that is assumed to be subject to ordinary income taxes (capital gains and qualified dividends are not considered in this analysis). Tax-deferred account balance is taken as lump sum and taxed at the 12%, 24% and 35% federal tax rate, respectively, at time of withdrawal. Taxable account contributions are after tax and assume a 35% federal tax rate during accumulation. This hypothetical illustration is not indicative of any specific investment and does not reflect the impact of fees or expenses. This chart is shown for illustrative purposes only. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

²J.P. Morgan Asset Management and AXA Equitable, Lincoln Financial, Nationwide, Pacific Life and Prudential are not affiliated. All trademarks appearing herein are owned by their respective organizations.