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NOV 15, 2017

Will value catch up with growth?

U.S. equity market performance has been dominated by growth stocks this year, with the Russell 3000 Growth index rising by over 25% compared to the Russell 3000 Value’s meager 8% return. This performance gap is one of the widest on record, and has led investors to question whether value stocks will recover this lost ground. Given our outlook for continued economic growth and gradually rising interest rates in 2018, we believe there is good reason to expect that value could outperform growth in the coming quarters.

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Value/growth relative performance and 10y yield

Source: Russell Investment Group, Tullett Prebon, FactSet, J.P. Morgan Asset Management. Growth is represented by the Russell 3000 Growth index and value is represented by the Russell 3000 Value index. Data are as of 11/15/2017.

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