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Implementing the Realization Adding private real assets to pension plan allocations

The Challenge

How to reliably fund a pension’s long-term obligations
  • Slowing economic growth & heightened volatility in developed markets compel pensions to search for better diversification & inflation sensitivity, lower portfolio volatility, higher income, and global exposure.
  • As a result, a strictly traditional equity + fixed income approach is no longer a viable long-term strategy.
  • Diversifying into real assets is a compelling option, but there is a need for a broad education on the asset class and available options
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Our Approach

J.P. Morgan’s Global Real Assets Omni framework
  • Step 1: education on the real assets market:  the fundamentals & opportunities, the risks & benefits
  • Step 2: a careful explanation of the Global Real Assets Omni framework for holistically approaching portfolio construction
  • Step 3: use the Omni framework to locate opportunities which meet a pension fund’s key risk/return objectives
  • Step 4: initiate a reliable, repeatable portfolio modeling process using the Global Real Assets Omni platform

The Solution

Implementing Omni Diversified Income real assets solution
  • Establish an initial 10% allocation to an “Omni Diversified Income” solution; one which provides diversification, stability, & income.
  • Anchor the portfolio with U.S. Core Real Estate.
  • Add diversification with U.S. Value-added Real Estate (to enhance returns) & Global Core/Core-plus Infrastructure (for downside resilience and heightened inflation sensitivity).
  • Provide consolidated on-boarding, client service, & reporting through the J.P. Morgan Global Real Assets Omni Program.

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