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Our Approach

Innovative solutions across the investment spectrum
Asset Management Solutions – Global Multi-Asset Group (AMS-GMAG) is the dedicated multi-asset investment team within J.P. Morgan. Asset allocation is central to our business proposition as an important driver of investment success. AMS-GMAG has a long history of applying its proprietary quantitative and qualitative research to construct portfolios that deliver on a wide range of client objectives. We currently design and manage portfolios that invest globally across the complete spectrum of traditional and alternative asset classes.

In-depth research, capital markets knowledge, strategic and active asset allocation expertise are brought together in our multi-asset portfolios through a robust portfolio construction and risk management process. We focus on constructing diversified portfolios, selecting high conviction strategies or individual securities that offer attractive opportunities appropriate to each solution.  

Our team has over 30 years’ experience of successfully managing portfolios in a fiduciary capacity for institutional investors including defined benefit pension plans, endowments, foundations, insurance companies, sovereign wealth funds and defined contributions plans.

With our breadth of resources and capabilities, the range and scope of our strategies is far reaching from more traditional benchmark-driven portfolios to those with a specified outcome objective such as delivering an absolute return.


Benchmark Oriented Solutions

Benchmark oriented strategies provide clients with a disciplined approach that seeks to outperform an explicit benchmark over a market cycle and deliver compelling risk-adjusted excess returns.  Benchmarks may be standard or custom designed by the client, consultant, or J.P. Morgan Asset Management.

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Outcome Oriented Solutions

Outcome oriented strategies originate with a challenge for which the portfolio strategy is a key element of the solution. The challenge may be a risk to mitigate, a return goal, a need to outperform liabilities or multiple objectives.  J.P. Morgan’s mandate is to draw from our global capabilities to hone in on an innovative portfolio solution tailored to each unique outcome.

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