Move beyond smart indexation

Strategic beta sits at the intersection of passive and active, combining active management insight with the discipline of rules-based investing in order to improve the risk exposures of market cap weighted indices. The aim is to maximize diversification to uncompensated risks (regions and sectors) and seek exposure to compensated risk premia (i.e. factors).
Our strategic beta strategies provide long only exposure to compensated equity and fixed income factors, offering solutions for investors looking for either a core or a more tactical portfolio allocation.

Our Strategic Beta strategies

Strategic Beta Equities: Multi-Factor

Provides core exposure to equity markets and seeks to improve risk-adjusted returns relative to traditional indices by diversifying risk across regions and sectors and screening securities through a multi-factor process.  

Strategic Beta Equities: Single Factor

Provides clients with targeted, single factor exposure within equities while avoiding undue concentration in individual securities.  

Strategic Beta Fixed Income

Improves upon traditional passive fixed income by systematically applying liquidity and risk filters, and re-weighting the portfolio where applicable.

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