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High Yield Corporates & Loans

Our high-yield strategies seek a high level of current income by investing primarily in a diversified portfolio of debt securities that are rated below-investment-grade or are unrated.

Our approach to high yield

High-yield bonds provide the opportunity to earn a higher level of income than investment-grade or government securities. However, the high risks involved require an investment manager with experience and resources to consistently generate strong risk-adjusted returns from the asset class.

At J.P. Morgan Asset Management, we have developed two distinct high-yield investment styles driven by dedicated teams of high-yield investment specialists, each with the expertise to consistently extract value from high-yield markets.

Our Cincinnati-based high-yield team uses rigorous bottom-up security selection to drive portfolio construction, along with valuation analysis and disciplined risk management to provide downside focus.

Our Indianapolis-based high-yield team selects high-yield securities based on continuous fundamental evaluation guided by macro insights, with dynamic portfolio construction reflecting the team’s assessment of the direction and trend of credit fundamentals.

We have used all of our high-yield expertise to develop a broad range of high-yield strategies that are designed to address a variety of client needs and goals, including broad high yield, distressed debt, European high yield, high quality and short-duration high yield, senior secured loans, and upper-tier high-yield portfolios.

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