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Absolute Return / Unconstrained

Our Absolute Return Fixed Income strategies seek to capitalize on all sources of fixed income return by allocating across the fixed income spectrum to provide long-term absolute return.
Our Unconstrained Fixed Income strategies provide access to our highest conviction “best ideas”, without constraint, allowing investors to add diversification to portfolios while targeting total returns.

Our approach to Absolute Return Fixed Income

Our absolute return methodology is based on a disciplined, relative value oriented, risk-controlled process.

Using a relative value approach to fixed income allows our experienced absolute return fixed income managers to look across traditional and alternative markets while maintaining liquidity.

Our dynamic allocation also provide the flexibility to take opportunistic positions in global fixed income markets and the ability to generate returns through a variety of bond market regimes.

Our approach to Unconstrained Fixed Income

Our unconstrained fixed income strategies seek to capitalize on all sources of bond market returns by allocating flexibly across the fixed income spectrum. This expanded universe offers the potential for greater diversification, enhanced yield, and a more flexible duration profile.

Our unconstrained fixed income portfolio management team harnesses the proprietary research of our entire global fixed income platform, combining top-down and bottom-up perspectives to build dynamic portfolios that bring you the best of our fixed income thinking, through changing market conditions.

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