The Private Equity Group (PEG) is a global, experienced and dedicated team of 56 professionals1 focused solely on building and maintaining our clients' private equity portfolios, with the goal of providing the best performance and client service. Our investment track record goes back more than 30 years and the investment professionals to which those returns are largely attributed continue to be meaningful and active team members today. We have been thoughtful in our approach to selectively add to our team, which is reflected in the tenure of our portfolio management team. The team's deep insights and strong relationships across the private equity market have led to successfully accessing top quartile and oversubscribed funds, securing exclusive direct and secondary investment opportunities, and negotiating favorable terms on behalf of our investors. Importantly, PEG's origin as a limited partner at AT&T gives us unique insight into our client's perspective, needs and objectives, as well as fosters our strong fiduciary culture.
  • Global team with offices in New York, London, Hong Kong, Beijing2 and New Delhi3
  • Active investors in the private equity market since 1980, with an average tenure of 24 years for our founding members, and 17 years for senior portfolio managers4
  • Supported by dedicated resources and leveraging the extensive expertise of the broader firm
We believe the high level of experience of the team, whose senior members have seen and adapted to multiple private equity investment cycles, and our continuing commitment to developing people and resources put us in good position to outperform in a competitive, rapidly changing environment.