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A founder and CEO of a software company was grappling with the question of whether to pass the business on to his daughter or sell. He was in his late 50s and his daughter was showing the maturity and know-how to be able to take over the business. This scenario would allow him to act as her mentor and coach.

On the other hand, his business had become very attractive to potential buyers who were expressing interest. Recent projections, customer orders and other measures were pointing to a topline revenue growth of 25% to 30%.

“A business owner sought advice on which direction to take: sell or continue to grow the business.”

This was a complex decision, and over several months, we evaluated various wealth projections that allowed him to see how different scenarios might play out. The analysis helped him understand the risks and trade offs associated with selling and with staying.

He eventually decided to continue to work and mentor his daughter. This allowed him to continue growing his business, which was an important consideration in maintaining the lifestyle he and his wife enjoyed.

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