The philanthropy field guides are designed to help philanthropists develop actionable giving strategies and to connect with ongoing efforts. Each guide, created by Geneva Global in partnership with The Philanthropy Centre at J.P. Morgan, defines a particular issue, explores its global trends and provides useful resources. For more information on these topics, or to access the print editions, please contact your J.P. Morgan advisor.

Poverty Alleviation

Because poverty is a multidimensional issue, anti-poverty efforts center on one or more barriers to opportunity—often focusing on the high-impact sectors of health, education and economic empowerment. This guide examines the abundant opportunities for philanthropists to make an impact, from grants to partnerships, to impact investments.

Global Refugee Crisis

With more than 21 million refugees worldwide, opportunities to effect change occur across the spectrum of the refugee journey: providing emergency relief, supporting basic services and helping rebuild lives. As this guide describes, philanthropists can make a critical difference in this rapidly escalating issue by filling gaps in services, addressing areas of underfunding and supporting innovative solutions.

Climate Change and Conservation

In the last century, the health of our environment has been jeopardized. In response to this, philanthropists see an opportunity to pursue various avenues to safeguard our ecosystems, including supporting new technologies, advancing sustainability and promoting research. This guide explores the complex network that comprises our environment and the many approaches available to combat climate change and increase conservation.

Women and Girls

Despite significant progress, every country across the globe exhibits evidence of gender inequality—with economic, social and development implications. Philanthropists are driving change through initiatives that empower communities and individuals as well as address structural barriers. This guide offers a framework for understanding what it takes to rectify gender imbalance and the opportunities available to improve the lives of women and girls—as well as boys and men.


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