Market Thoughts

Brexit: What investors Need to Know

Our initial view is that global growth will be slow but this event won’t push the global economy into recession.


Investment Insights

In times of market uncertainty, investors who can see beyond short-term volatility will likely be rewarded for their patience.

While the road to a renewable energy future promises to be long, renewable energy is on the global electricity radar screen.

Jinshui Road in Taiwan at night

From J.P. Morgan and the World Economic Forum: Insights into how some of the world’s wealthiest families are managing their fortunes and legacies.


Key Alternative Investment Themes for 2016

Against a backdrop of subdued global GDP growth, volatility and muted earnings growth, we have identified compelling alternative investment themes for 2016 and beyond.


Sustainable Investing

Decoding the Elements

The growth of sustainable investing has enabled a proliferation of different investment objectives, approaches, and vehicles. We offer a quick guide.



The exhibition for our sixth year of sponsoring Paris Photo explores photographs that contain other images.

The Reception by Tina Barney is among the intriguing images in this year’s Paris Photo exhibition, PhotoPlay: Pictures-in-Pictures.

Glenn Goldberg creates luminous works that explore the interplay of structure and improvisation.

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