Your lens on books, music and experiences to discover in 2018

Having spent over a decade managing behavioral finance portfolios, the study of human behavior is in my DNA. So, it’s fascinating to take that a step further with a one-of-a-kind neurological look at decisions humans make, backed by research on structural influences on those decisions, and perspectives on how culture and ecological factors play in.

Chris Blum

Head of Investments, Asia Private Bank

Hong Kong

The Golden Age of Giving is upon us. Members of the new generation of wealth stand to become some of the biggest philanthropic donors in history, and never before have we seen the kind of resources available to address many of society’s challenges. It’s exciting to imagine the possibilities as Generation X and Millennials take an entrepreneurial approach to revolutionize giving.

Monica Issar

Global Head of Endowments & Foundations Group

New York City

Technological advances are, without a doubt, impacting your business model, the way in which you interact with consumers, and how you go to market with products and services. The digital revolution taking place right now has never been more exciting—and disruptive! This book outlines the imperatives companies must embrace in order to survive, reshape the future and win.

Kelli Keough

Global Head of Digital Wealth Management

New York City

A visionary, an admired statesman, an advocate for peace, and a dreamer—Shimon Peres’s impact on modern day Israel is beyond extraordinary. This first-hand account of his more than 70 years in politics serves as a great roadmap for the next generation of future leaders—public or private.

Andrew Cohen

CEO, International Private Bank

Hong Kong

For over two decades, most of us in the financial services industry have marveled at the incredible success of Bridgewater Associates. Now, for the first time, we get to hear directly from the man behind its renowned success. Ray Dalio’s principles on life and work are meaningful and applicable regardless of what industry you are in.

Matt Barshied

Market Investment Team Lead, Financial Institutions Group

New York City

In Silicon Valley, I am surrounded by innovators who are transforming the world on a daily basis. Just think—where would many of these inventions be without something we consider so fundamental as electricity? This book offers an in-depth look back at the history of electricity and, just as important, a look forward to the future.

Christine Leong Connors

Northern California Market Manager

San Francisco/Palo Alto

I’ve always been inspired by people who push beyond boundaries to reinvent their own vision and future. Josh Groban is one of those people. His path from successful recording artist to Tony-nominated star in his Broadway debut was nothing short of amazing. Through this book, we get a front row seat to his dynamic journey—showing us what’s possible with tenacity, commitment and hard work.

Nana Adae

Investment Specialist, U.S. Private Bank


Much of what I do in investments is a combination of science and art. So naturally, I was drawn to this book as it does just that—but instead, with an intriguing look at our universe. With gorgeous photos, we are given an exploration of how mankind visualizes the universe and our place in it, through the dual lens of science and art.

Anastasia Amoroso

Head of Investment Strategy, Global Investment Opportunities Group

New York City

Four years ago, Disney dazzled all of us with its blockbuster movie, Frozen. Now, Disney has reimagined the film—bringing the characters to life in a dynamic musical that blew us away at the out-of-town premiere in Denver. Whether you are a little girl donning an Elsa costume or an adult out for a night on the town—this show is for everyone.

Kelly Coffey

CEO, U.S. Private Bank

New York City

Yves Saint Laurent is one of the most legendary names in haute couture around the world. How exciting that we now get an inside look at 5 avenue Marceau in Paris—the location of his work studio for nearly 30 years. The design sketches, garments, swatches and accessories all chronicle an unparalleled journey of art, inspiration and style.

Annabelle Azoulay

France Market Manager


Who doesn’t look forward to a fantastic bottle of wine—or two—to toast the holidays? With more than 400 vintners, this region is home to some of the world’s leading cabernets, merlots and chardonnays. Promise and AXR are two lesser-known brands from the region that offer a delicate mix of both the rich history of Napa and what’s new in great wine.

Peter Kenny

Institutional Relationship Manager

New York City

Anyone seeking an extraordinary culinary experience should look no further. A handful of our clients got a sneak preview of the forthcoming menu for Jessica’s new restaurant Tel. From the roasted cabbage with avocado seed tahini to the Passamore Ranch sturgeon with hulba and green sahawek, to the Koda Farms rice with pickled rose hips—this is a gastronomic adventure you won’t want to miss!

Dave Regan

West Region Investment Team Lead

Los Angeles

South Africa’s newest and biggest art museum is visually and architecturally stunning. Yet the story behind its creation is even more beautiful. The museum seeks to provide a platform for African artists across the entire continent to tell their own stories.

Tara Smyth

Middle East Market Manager


Luz is an emerging singer-songwriter who has been able to reach into her Ecuadorian roots, and allowed South American rhythms to influence her music. If you enjoy jazz, contemporary music and Latin pop, the musical medley of Mariposa Azul is sure to have you pressing “repeat”!

Jaime Boet

Banker, Latin America Private Bank

New York City and Santiago

Neo-jazz is what Bria Skonberg delivers in her new release, With a Twist. Her soulful vocals and brilliant trumpet sounds offer a refreshingly modern take on classic jazz that will appeal to all ages.

Michael Bennett

Investment Specialist, U.S. Private Bank

New York City

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