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Our Insights

Global intelligence and cultural perspectives that give you a broader spectrum of possibilities

The stakes have never been higher in the effort to save the planet. Learn how you can use your philanthropy to help.

Is the current cycle poised to end? Should you expect more robust returns? The top 5 key takeaways from our Private Bank Outlook for 2018.

Cybersecurity is a multi-billion dollar problem, and growing. Family offices are particularly vulnerable.

For the communities affected by recent disasters, we identify essential resources to get—and give—help. 

Travel booking sites, mobile devices and social media accounts are vulnerable to cyber attacks. Here are some key steps to staying protected.


From J.P. Morgan and the World Economic Forum: Insights into how some of the world’s wealthiest families are managing their fortunes and legacies.


Passionate pursuits we share with our clients

Spanish master Joaquín Sorolla chronicled and shaped women’s fashion at the dawn of the 20th century. A new exhibit explores his remarkable vision.

Painter Hans Witschi’s journey from abstract art to the human experience began after 16 years in a Swiss children’s hospital.

Photograph of Hans Witschi

Your lens on books, music and experiences to discover in 2018

A renegade spirit in cooking and life

Emily Kaiser Thelin on Paula Wolfert, who introduced Mediterranean cuisine to the United States and whose passion for food helps her cope with Alzheimer’s


The science behind today’s hits

What makes something popular? The Atlantic senior editor Derek Thompson mines 100 years of pop culture to reveal the viral myth, Tokyo effect, and dark broadcasts.


Your Objectives

Innovative strategies to help you enjoy your lifestyle today and leave a lasting legacy

Client Experience

The Key to a Dream Home in Madrid

A multicurrency line of credit helps a client move quickly to secure a desirable Madrid property.


Wealth Challenges

Global insights into complex wealth issues

As a complement to your trust agreement, this letter can help inform trustees of your values and intentions

Strategic use of credit to meet your liquidity needs can help keep your investment plan on track. 

A new study affirms important generational shifts and trends among recently established U.S. family foundations.

Today’s 25- to 34-year-olds already face a number of retirement challenges. While these may only increase over time, planning now can help bridge the savings gap.

Interest rates are only part of the story. Other important considerations can impact your financial well-being for years to come.

Investment Insights

Ideas and themes to take advantage of market trends around the globe

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Possibilities become reality with the right advice, knowledge and plan to guide you forward

How Can You Best Prepare for the Future?

Decisions you make at every stage of life have long-lasting implications. We can help you make meaningful decisions for today and your future.

Aligning your investments with your values through sustainable investing may benefit your portfolio as much as your world.

Solar panels

Sophisticated investors know that some of the most exciting opportunities are available only through limited-access private investments.

A couple creates a trust to ensure their daughter’s inheritance remains intact throughout her lifetime.

The donation of one man, now living in the United States, helps save the lives of newborns in his home country, India.

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