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From Call to Execution, Just in Time

One client wanted to buy a new car late on a Friday afternoon. Another to secure a desirable real estate property. Both needed same-day solutions.

To make things happen, our client service team went into action. As a member of the service team noted, “My clients are busy. When they call, they expect me to have a solution ready for them.”

For the late afternoon car buyer, the situation became complicated. “She had assumed the dealership would accept a wire transfer. As it turned out, they wouldn’t. And she wanted the car that day.” We were able to get a cashier’s check signed and readied for pickup at a Chase branch two blocks from the dealer’s showroom—within an hour of getting the call.

Funds for the real estate transaction took only slightly longer to put in place.

The client, a realtor, had found a desirable property and wanted to move quickly, using equities in her J.P. Morgan investments account to secure the deal.

“My clients are busy. When they call, they expect me to have a solution ready for them.”

We looped in the client’s Capital Advisor, who quickly proposed several options for accessing the needed liquidity. The client chose setting up a securities based line of credit and before the day ended, funds were transferred to an escrow account.

In anticipation of similar needs in the future, we also suggested the client establish a line of credit secured by her J.P. Morgan portfolio.

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