Protecting reputation, wealth and business in a digital world

For the world's leading families and their businesses, cybercrime is a multi-dimensional hazard. It can imperil personal safety, financial andintellectual capital, as well as the reputation and financial health of the family office.

Adding to the risk, family offices are ideal targets for cybercrime. Employees often have access to details on principals and their finances, along with a host of related confidential information that is irresistible to fraudsters and hackers. That is why employees, not just the principals, can be targets for hackers.

There are simple—but impactful—steps you can take personally and in the family office to increase cybersecurity. In the right circumstances, even a single phone call can thwart cybercrime. “The more you can complicate or slow down a cyber criminal’s access to sensitive information, the lower your risk of becoming a victim,” says Gary Sorrentino, Chief Security Officer for J.P. Morgan Asset and Wealth Management.

To learn more about cyber safety measures for the family office network and beyond, click here.

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