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Patrik Schöwitz

Global Strategist, Multi-Asset Solutions
United States

7 Years with
J.P. Morgan
19 Years in
the industry

Patrik is a global strategist within the Multi-Asset Solutions Group. He is a member of the Global Strategy Team, which is responsible for asset allocation decisions reflected across portfolios managed by the team. He is responsible for communicating the group’s economic and asset allocation strategy. He is also a member of the committee that produces the Long-Term Capital Market Assumptions, which underpin J.P. Morgan’s strategic asset allocation process. Previously, Patrik worked as an equity strategist at Bank of America Merrill Lynch focussing on European markets. Prior to that, he was an equity strategist at HSBC, covering Global, European and US markets. Patrik obtained a BComm in Business Studies and Economics from the University of Edinburgh and is a CFA charterholder.

years with
J.P. Morgan