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A dedicated service to meet sovereign client needs

J.P. Morgan Asset Management has an interactive partnership with our clients. We offer a spectrum of tailored services from portfolio management to advisory services.
Portfolio Management
  • Regular discussions with portfolio management team and senior key management
  • Conference calls and discussions with New York and London portfolio management teams
  • Regular on-site portfolio reviews
  • On-line reporting
Advisory Partnership
  • Seminars, global/regional conferences, and specialized workshops
  • Training at J.P. Morgan’s office and/or at your premises
  • Research papers and customized research projects
Client Advisor
  • Overall client relationship
  • New business opportunities
Client Portfolio Manager
  • Specialist advice and solutions
  • Portfolio reviews, ad hoc queries and training
Lead Portfolio Manager
  • Identify investment opportunities
  • Tailor portfolios to meet client needs
Client Service Manager
  • Day to day client contact
  • Account administration and reporting

Patrick Thomson
Carlos Varela Da Costa
Head of Sovereigns and Central Banks for Latin America

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