Investment Philosophy

We believe that bond portfolios managed by a globally integrated fixed income team within a disciplined risk controlled framework can/may help produce strong risk-adjusted returns. Our investment approach seeks to add value by:
  • Drawing upon the expertise of locally-based sector specialist and portfolio management teams 
  • Using internally-generated fundamental, quantitative and technical research inputs
  • Allocating risk using a rigorous and methodical portfolio construction process

Investment Process

Quarterly investment themes, developed by our Investment Strategy Team, guide duration, sector allocation and security selection decisions.
  • Sector specialists scan the market for investment opportunities across maturities and sectors.
  • Portfolio managers build portfolios guided by our investment themes, determine sector allocations and select securities suitable for each portfolio.
  • Portfolios are closely monitored by portfolio managers, sector specialists, quantitative analysts and risk managers to help ensure they comply with guidelines and help ensure that risk is properly managed.