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Helping educational institutions open doors

Our goal is to empower educational organizations by helping clients navigate the evolving investment landscape and meet long-term objectives. We recognize the importance of world-class education and research, and are proud to serve as a partner in delivering innovative investment solutions.

We understand the often complex needs of higher education endowments, which include a focus on protecting and growing intergenerational equity while supporting the necessary liquidity for university operations.

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Our investment experience and global reach allows us to partner with many of the world’s largest endowments:



Our capabilities span the globe with local on-the-ground teams across asset classes. We integrate advanced analytics into investment decision-making to help better mitigate risk, manage liquidity, and meet target returns.

We collaborate with investment staff, board of directors, and investment committees to provide a range of investment solutions:

Capital market return assumptions and implications for strategic asset allocation
Insights on tactical market opportunities created by dislocation and volatility
Customized portfolio analytics including factor risk and endowment model liquidity analyses
Best practices for managing operating cash to optimize yield
Tailored solutions for single- and multi-asset mandates
Peer-to-peer networking opportunities and educational events

Client Success

A U.S. university was seeking to expand its private equity exposure in order to achieve targeted returns. Being mindful of the balance of their search for growth and need for liquidity, they came to J.P. Morgan for help in demonstrating the financial implications to their board. By conducting a comprehensive analysis, we helped the university staff substantiate the liquidity and risk implications of increasing their private equity exposure.

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