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Hedge Funds: Survival of the Fittest 

As old hedge fund strategies die, what new strategies will on live on in their place?   (23:34)

Volatility…Can this be good news? 

Instead of being worried about volatility, be prepared.   (13:53)

Risks and Opportunities across Private Markets 

Have investors been forced to embrace private markets? (16:57)

A Look at Strategic Beta: Past, Present, Future 

With investors looking to achieve alpha, reduce volatility and minimize costs, can smart beta achieve the perfect balance in today's environment? (25:21)

Discipline and Opportunistic: Looking at the Private Equity Landscape 

What's going on in the world of late cycle investing, unicorn IPOs, and growth in the private equity market? (21:14)

Real estate perspectives: portfolio considerations across the risk spectrum 

To build or not to build? To buy or not to buy?  (19:48)

Alternatives outlook: A macro view and late-cycle asset allocation considerations 

As late cycle challenges arise, how can investors continue to build discipline in alternative portfolio construction? (22:30)




Finding opportunities across the alternatives landscape   

Is there still value in investing in alternatives? (20:09)

The future of fixed income  

What are the implications of quantitative tightening for the global bond market? (19:40)

Beyond today's equity market  

Is the gap closing between US equity returns and the rest of the world’s? (18:25)




Alternatives in multi-asset portfolios   

Why consider increasing your alternatives allocation? (24:18)

Real assets in liability-aware portfolios  

How can core real assets help improve liability-aware portfolios? (32:10)

Tools to manage risk in portfolios   

What tools can help manage risk at the end of the cycle? (28:12)

Asset allocation views   

As 2019 approaches, how should your portfolio be positioned? (21:50)

Macroeconomic assumptions: Stable forecasts of moderate growth and inflation 

What do our long-term growth and inflation forecasts say about today’s economy? (22:47)




Factor investing in equities   

How can investors assess their current portfolios through a factor lens? (34:06)

Factor investing in alternatives  

What value does alternative beta bring to institutional portfolios? (33:58)

Factor investing in fixed income   

Why consider factor based fixed income investing? (33:44)

Factor investing through the cycle   

What are the potential investment implications of factor based investing? (24:01)




Demystifying private credit   

Are you being paid for your additional risk? (40:47)

Rates present opportunities across the risk spectrum  

Consensus view is that rates will rise, but how much and how fast? (35:29)

The macro environment and flexible credit   

Approaches to fixed income investing - flexible versus conventional? (34:42)

ESG in fixed income   

How do your peers embed ESG into portfolios? (37:48)

Global unconstrained debt: Bonds beyond borders    

Can investors potentially achieve greater return in unconstrained fixed income portfolios? (32:45)

Deconstructing private credit    

What are the risk and return considerations when it comes to private credit? (23:46)

Evaluating high yield and leveraged loans    

Do high yield bonds and leveraged loans still have room to run? (24:24)

Strengthening your core    

Where should core or core plus portfolios look to find value? (23:07)




Long-term investment considerations for pensions   

Where will pension plans find new sources of return? (39:42)

The path of the U.S. dollar   

Where is the U.S. dollar headed? (29:49 )

Technology's potential impact on economic growth   

How will new technology impact economic growth and market returns? (24:44)

The impact of global aging   

How will global aging impact savings, growth and interest rates? (22:26)




Automate, “Uncomplicate”, Activate: Helping improve participants’ retirement outcomes   

How can you achieve a secure retirement? (26:02)

Tackling the retirement dilemma   

Can we tackle the retirement dilemma? (48:48)

How averages mislead in DC plans   

Why are averages misleading in retirement plans? (34:06)

The benefits of adding private real estate to DC plans   

Private Real Estate for DB, but not DC? (27:42)

Understanding the benefits of blend strategies (For US Investors only)   

Why are blended TDF strategies becoming so popular? (22:01)



The benefits of active management   

Can active management still beat the benchmark? (27:30)

Maximizing your alpha using beta 1 strategies   

How can you utilize tracking error more efficiently? (32:47)

Turning behavioral insights into alpha   

How does irrational investor behavior impact investment decisions? (33:31)

The right time for emerging markets equities   

What’s driving the EM recovery? (36:11)

Making allocation decisions across emerging markets   

Where is the value in emerging markets equities? (28:57)

Understanding the global dynamics of e-commerce   

What are the growth drivers of global e-commerce? (38:51)


The journey to ESG integration    

Can fully integrating ESG into your investment process create value? (30:44)

Engagement and proxy voting    

What does it mean to be an active owner? (37:43)

Climate change: Risks and opportunities    

Will climate change affect how we look at investments? (37:37)

Investing sustainably: ESG in emerging markets    

How can you invest sustainably without limiting your investment universe? (32:16)



Year of core: Opportunistic vs. late cycle investing    

Which markets have the greatest investment opportunity? (41:42)

The road to infrastructure investing    

What does infrastructure investing look like in the future? (37:02)

Venture growth investing    

What opportunities are available in today’s venture growth markets? (37:25)

The evolution of hedge funds    

What role should hedge funds fill in your portfolio? (32:09)

Building a diversifying alternatives portfolio    

How can the right alternatives portfolio construction help close the return gap? (35:43)


Being flexible when markets get volatile    

Can you close the return gap? (27:40)

Building a liability aware portfolio    

Is now the time for de-risking? (23:28)

Factor-based investing    

Could your portfolio benefit from a factor perspective? (27:55)



Fixed income assumptions    

What are the bright spots in fixed income? (32:49)

Equity market assumptions    

Where can investors find sustainable sources of return? (37:10)

Alternative strategy assumptions    

Should investors fear an erosion of the illiquidity premium? (26:42)