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Advocating portfolio diversification across credit, alternatives and equity Partnering with Endowments & Foundations (E&Fs) to help meet their objectives

The Challenge

Understanding the investment requirements for E&Fs
  • Endowments and Foundations need to achieve certain returns from their investments
  • Long-term assets are the primary source of income if fundraising falls short
  • Portfolio returns are intolerably volatile
  • Consistent portfolio returns are increasingly difficult to achieve
Limited internal resources to conduct manager due diligence and monitor portfolio
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Maddi Dessner
Maddi Dessner
Client Portfolio Manager, Multi-Asset Solutions

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Our Approach

Creating a partnership for success

We will work with E&F clients to:
  • Clarify Investment Goals and Objectives
  • Set Strategic Risk and Return Characteristics
  • Construct innovative and Efficient Portfolios to help achieve investment objectives
    • Structure and build portfolio seeking a diverse range of risk premiums across equity, rate, spread, inflation and liquidity factors spanning a global opportunity set
    • Seek to address the stated goals and objectives using insights from:
      • Quantitative research
      • Manager insights
      • Macro and Fundamental insights
  • Apply Active Management to help achieve end objectives
    • Allocate risk budget among high conviction insights
    • Choose across traditional and alternative strategies in efforts to deliver successful and consistent outcomes
    • Capitalize on shorter term insights to add risk adjusted return
Make relative asset allocation decisions across and within asset classes sized by conviction

The Solution

Strategic and comprehensive portfolio outcomes
  • Multi-Asset Solutions investment team applies its own proprietary research to J.P. Morgan’s world-class platform to design and manage portfolios that invest across multiple asset classes
  • We blend our capital markets, strategic and active asset allocation, portfolio construction and active risk budgeting capabilities with one of the broadest product offerings in the industry
The Multi-Asset Solutions Group strategy incorporates the complete spectrum of traditional and alternative asset classes that span all regions of the globe

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